08 January 2013

The Best Movies of the 2012

Began the new year so it's time to summarize the past year. Let's start with the category of Movie. In 2012 spilled to the great mass of cinema films. We all eagerly waited for Avengers (which came out just fantastic), Magic Mike (even here there is nothing to add for obvious reasons), spectacular Anna Karenina, agent of all time which, as always, did not disappoint, sweet Sholeace Ted which spilled many a tear, and, of course, Total Recall. Of the latter was not entirely sure bacause I love the original but still did not disappoint me (Of course my husband had a different opinion but you can not satisfied everyone).

 Another hit last year was a continuation of The Expendables 2 (good movie and a bad cast, now I'm curious what will prepare the third part), year was very good for any screening of comic book heroes (my favorite :)) in the end because I liked Peter Parker, it's amazing how good the film turned out to be The Amazing Spider-Man. It was a pure pleasure to watch this movie as did another film on my list of films namely Rock of Ages. This film just hypnotized me. Great music, the cast, set design (I still have the chills :)). Snow White and the Huntsman... hmm I do not like this movie, Kristen Stewart ruined the whole film (this is only my opinion but still I do not understand why do sequels), Hobbit, now I just can't hardly wait to see another movie. Bourne Legacy... so far I do not know what to think ofthis movie. Jeremy was amazing but Rachel was quite lame.

The Dark Knight Rises was excellent (supposedly there will be no continue but I want more). Looper was very fresh film and with joy I get back more than once for this movie. When I went to the cinema to Lawless did not expect from this movie too much but when I watched it I was very impressed.
I have not seen such a good movie as Argo. At the of my list is movie The Hunger Games... Jennifer Lawrence is very hot wright now I am very happy with the way her character developed.
Now we are left to wait for another part of the book to continue of Suzanne Collins.
 Some people do not agree with me so if you have any suggestions you can comment on :)

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  1. I agree that Hunger Games i real nice movie. I have not seen the rest of the movies but i feel they will by good to :)